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94A Eerste Zeine
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(Re)Cover BV maakt lamellenafdekkingen op maat voor zwembaden. Daarnaast leveren zij lamellen, doppen en kit voor productie elders.

(Re)Cover BV produces slatted swimming pool cover to measure. They also supply pool cover profiles and parts for local production elsewhere.

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Under the name Made2Measure custom made slatted pool covers are made including various accessories. After receiving the final dimensions, the pool cover profiles are cut, fitted with end caps and sealed. The slats are packed cleverly to the pool builder to transport and install the cover quickly and easily.

Slatted pool cover in order but no final sizes yet? No problem! Make a reservation for the slats in the right color and rounded up to half meters. We plan production time for your order and when the sizes are definitive you will receive the cover within a week.

The major advantage of sealing the endcaps into the slat profiles compared to welding, is that 100% watertightness can be checked and guarenteed during the production process of the slats. In addition, the adhesive connection is flexible and will be less likely to break. Also, curves or cut outs can easiliy be made on site. The adhesive needs a few days to dry before the cover can be picked up or shipped safely. Average delivery time is two weeks.

Request a quote or contact us to receive a price list. +31.416.322.422 or e-mail.