(Re)Cover BV
Eerste Zeine 94a
5144 AL Waalwijk

+31 (0) 416 322 422



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94A Eerste Zeine
Waalwijk, NB, 5144 AL


(Re)Cover BV maakt lamellenafdekkingen op maat voor zwembaden. Daarnaast leveren zij lamellen, doppen en kit voor productie elders.

(Re)Cover BV produces slatted swimming pool cover to measure. They also supply pool cover profiles and parts for local production elsewhere.



(Re)cover concepts supplies loose slat profiles, end caps, silicone adhesives and accessories for assembling slatted pool covers elsewhere: Under its own brand name or white label. This service is mostly used by manufacturers and pool professionals who assemble roller systems themselves and just need a partner for the finishing part: the pool cover slats. We believe in "local passion" with a "global ambition". Only then benefits can be gained from scaling without compromising on quality.

(Re)Cover Concepts provides all types of slats in standard lengths (see product range)

- Short delivery times
- Flexibility
- Competitive price

For more information please contact (Re) Cover BV +31.416.322.422 or e-mail. Even if you have questions about roller systems, we are happy to help you.